About Graphix-Goddess Design®

I am backed by over 15 years experience in CG art and web design. I hold a BA in Broadcasting and Electronic media with experience in video production as well as computer graphics and web design. My professional work had also been published in several newspapers for about 3 years while working as the lead Graphics designer.

I have Specialize in the following programs:


My art has been featured on hundreds of websites around the world (See right sidebar for details).

I was the official Graphics Artist for RPGdreamers.com for almost 5 years and am now working on and off with other companies such as Mean Hamster Software. My art has also been featured on the NY Band SKYSALT's website, HIM's official UK site, and dozens of other pages across the globe.

NOTE: I consider myself a very driven artist who understands the importance of aesthetics. I’m also a perfectionist when it comes to my art. I do no job without putting into it my best effort.

GG Design Trivia and Facts

My first site, FFSpree, began back in 2000 and had grown extensively since the beginning of 2003 due to the wonderful generosity of the webmaster of www.fictionalworlds.com.

I can speak/write/read Japanese and studied abroad in Yamanashi prefecture for almost a year.

If you're wondering where I came up with "Graphix-Goddess" as my Web-name, it was coined for me by an old Forum friend from Australia, after he saw some of my wallpaper making talents. Ever since, the name just stuck.

My main software is Photoshop. Before I acquired this, I used another program Called ULEAD PhotoImpact. I received this bit of software free with my scanner, and find it to be some of the best software for its tools and ease of use. All my graphic skills began to bloom on my first computer - the Amiga 2000 and it's paint program self-titled "Paint", back when I was just 5-years old.